Preemergent Herbicide Demonstration Plots and Workshop

Only a few days left to sign up to look at the Herbicide Demonstration Plots and Herbicide Workshop for Ornamental Growers. Are your preemergent herbicides working the way they should? Are they controlling the weeds that you have? Come out to the Extension Office to see 20 different herbicides applied at 30 and 60 days prior to the workshop and how well they stand up against the weed pressure. This will be a hands on weed identification, control, calibration and preemergent herbicide demonstration for ornamental plant growers. Attendees will be treated to a lunch and up to 1 Core and 2 PVT, 2 L&O, 2 LL&O, 2 LCLM, 2 O&T Pesticide CEUs. Attendees may bring weeds for ID as well. Attendees must purchase tickets in advance for $35.00 or call Shawn Steed 813-744-5519 ext 54147. If you are a TBWG member tickets are $15.00. There will be no same day registrations due to space constraints. If you have any special needs please notify the Hillsborough County Extension Office 813-744-5519. An agenda is available at http://hillsborough.ifas.ufl.edu/ornamental_production/index.shtml If you would like to register for the event go to www.tiny.cc/weedwork

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