Greenhouse Courses Online for Growers

Here are some courses you might like to register for to keep up or refresh your knowledge in greenhouse production.

Course Subjects:  Dates, Level, and Cost

Greenhouse 101:   4-Jun-18 29-Jun-18 • $US199
Costing and Profitability:   4-Jun-18 29-Jun-18 ••• $US499
Nutrient Management 1 (Intro) :  2-Jul-18 27-Jul-18 •• $US199
Weed Management:   30-Jul-18 24-Aug-18 •• $US199
Nutrient Management 2 (Advanced):   3-Sep-18 28-Sep-18 ••• $US199
Disease Management REVISED!:   1-Oct-18 26-Oct-18 •• $US199
Water Quality & Treatment NEW!:   5-Nov-18 7-Dec-18 ••• $US199
Introduction to Hydroponics NEW!:   14-Jan-19 8-Feb-19 • $US199

•Introductory: Practical experience but without formal horticultural science education/
Introductorio: experiencia práctica sin educación formal en ciencias hortícolas.
••Intermediate: Some experience and training, entry university level/Intermedio: Algo de
experiencia y entrenamiento, o nivel inicial universitario.
•••Advanced: Experienced, well-trained grower, upper university level

Courses are designed for people already working in the horticulture industry.

Lectures and assignments are in both English and Spanish, with support from bilingual instructors.

Courses on specific dates, typically for four weeks. A list of individual courses is below to find out the next date each course will be offered.

Classes are completely online, and include streaming videos, readings, and assignments. They are available any time of the day, and new modules are activated each week during the course. You can use a desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone.


Each employee will need their own unique email address before you register them.

Cost is $US199 per employee for most courses, and $499 for the Costing and Profitability course.  Use the promotion code Hills18 for a 5% discount.


When you complete the requirements for each course you will be sent a personalized certificate.
Courses do not count for credit towards a university degree.

For registration information click on this link ( Registration ) and use the registration code HILLS18 for a 5% discount.

For more information: email greenhousetraining@ifas.ufl.edu. We are happy to help you with any questions.

Ask us about bulk discounts when you register 5 or more participants.


WPS Training Attendance Sheets

This may be of interest to growers who are regulated by the WPS.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has updated the WPS Worker and Handler Training Attendance Sheet which it suggests for use to document worker and handler WPS training.

Under the 2015 Revised Worker Protection Standard


  Agricultural workers must be trained before performing any task in a treated area on an agricultural establishment where within the last 30 days a pesticide  product has been use or restricted-entry interval for such pesticide has been in effect.(40CFR section 170.401).
  Agricultural handlers must be trained before any handling activity is performed. (40CFR section 170.501).
  Workers and handlers must each be trained at least whithin the last 12 months. You must keep this record as training evidence.

Feel free to print the new sheets (WPS attendance sheets link ) and use them to document your WPS worker and handler training.

Thanks to Agents Gene McAvoy and Alicia Whidden for the information.