Strawberry Festival Youth Plant Show and Sale 2017

When I travel to national horticulture meetings, I often hear the statement "How do we get the next generation interested in horticulture?"  One way to do that is to give kids opportunities to practice horticulture skills and then encourage and financially reward them in their efforts at growing plants.

Hillsborough County youth in 4-H and FFA clubs have been growing plants for the Strawberry Festival Youth Plant Show and Sale and will be entering their projects on Wed. March 1, 2017.  Plants will be judged for best of class and best of show awards and then all plants will be auctioned off in a silent and live auction on Sunday, March 5th, 2017.  The silent auction starts at 11:30 am the live auction will start at 2:30 pm.  The best part about buying plants at the auction is that you will get free tickets to next year's festival when you get on the buyer list.  If you are one of the top buyers you will get tickets and free parking right up close to the action for next year's event.

This is a great opportunity to motivate youth to continue to flex their "green thumbs" and reward their efforts.  Not only are they learning to grow plants but they are building business, marketing, social, and personal skills that they will need later in life.  Please come out and support the Strawberry Festival Youth Plant Show and Sale and continue to keep Hillsborough youth growing.  If you have any questions about this event please give Shawn Steed a ring at the Extension office 813-744-5519.


Manatee County WPS Class

Martha Glenn our the Commercial Horticulture Agent in Manatee County would like to let you know that there is a class available for the new Worker Protection Standards.  If you already have the Train-the-Trainer certificate this will need to be updated.  This is a great time to get it done and get a lunch as well.  You can also get 4 Private Applicator CEUs as well.  Here is the information....

Worker Protection Standards, Train the Trainer has changed.  If you have a certificate for Train the Trainer you now need to update that training and receive a new certificate (I know that we were all told that the certificate would not expire – BUT that has changed.).  As of right now, we are all to be retrained by January 2, 2017 as per the EPA.  Also, many of the regulations pertaining to the training of agricultural workers have changed. 
Come join us for the new revised training.  You will receive a certificate in the mail once you have completed this new training.  You will be able to receive the following CEUs (max of four) – Private Applicator, Aerial application, Ag Row Crop, Ag Tree Crop, Forestry, Ornamental & Turf, Soil and Greenhouse Fumigation.   
CEUs Available (max of four):  Private Applicator, Aerial application, Ag Row Crop, Ag Tree Crop, Forestry, Ornamental & Turf,   Soil and Greenhouse Fumigation
When:  February 23
Time:  9:00am – 1:30pm
Cost:  $25.00 (lunch included)
Register online at:  https://wps2017.eventbrite.com

Review of Worker Protection Standard Topics Including:
Basic pesticide information and regulations
The Worker Protection Standard (WPS)
WPS Agricultural Worker and Pesticide Handler Training
How to conduct training
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Inspection and Enforcement Perspective
 CEUs are available and include:
  4 Private Applicator
  4 Aerial Application
  4 Ag Row Crop
  4 Ag Tree Crop
  4 Forestry
  4 Ornamental & Turf
  4 Soil & Greenhouse Fumigation