Ornamental Weed and Herbicide Workshop and Demonstration

Are you using the best herbicide for your weed problems? Are you having a problem with a particular weed? Are your employees applying your granular herbicide properly and not wasting it or applying it too lightly? Can you check to know the difference? If you would like to get better answers to these questions, join us for the Ornamental Weed and Herbicide Workshop. On December 12, 2013 at the Extension Office, UF/IFAS Tampa Bay Region Extension will be hosting a workshop for weeds in ornamental plants. We will look at weed ID for some serious new nursery pests and how to identify them. We will be looking at different strategies and cost of weed control. Resources will be mentioned to help with weed ID. We will also check out the preemergent herbicide demonstration trial. See what herbicides are working on what weeds. We have applied 18 different herbicides to compare with an untreated plot. We also have plots that were treated at 4 weeks and 8 weeks so you can see how long different herbicides are controlling weeds. We will also have a hands-on demonstration area for calibrating shaker cans to see how accurately we can apply herbicides. Attendees will be treated to a lunch from Diamond R Fertilizer and up to 1 Core and 2 PVT, 2 L&O, 2 LL&O, 2 LCLM, 2 O&T for a total of three Pesticide CEUs. Bring your weeds for ID as well. Attendees must purchase tickets in advance for $35.00 or call Shawn Steed 813-744-5519 ext 54147. If you are a TBWG member, tickets are $15.00. There will be no same day registrations due to space constraints. If you have any special needs please call the Hillsborough County Extension Office 813-744-5519. Registration is available at www.tiny.cc/weedwork

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