The Plant Producer Newsletter Summer Edition

The Summer Edition of  Extension's The Plant Producer is now out with some interesting articles you might like to check out.
There are articles on conducting a leaching fraction; a Core CEU Credit Pesticide article, "BMPs for Herbicide Applications;" marketing tree values with the traveling tree walk; research highlights; Nursery Spotlight with Pat Ford's Nursery; a new pest, crapemrytle bark scale; BMPs and cost share funding; using local internet marketing; and information on the International Plant Propagator's Society Meeting in Tampa.   Here is the link Extension's The Plant Producer Summer Newsletter.pdf 


Operation Cleansweep is Back!

For those of you who missed our county collection day, here is another opportunity to get rid of old, unusable, or discontinued pesticides.  Operation Cleansweep is here to help you.  The purpose of Operation Cleansweep is to offer a safe, convenient, and cost effective mechanism for agricultural operations, golf courses, and pest control companies to properly
dispose of canceled, suspended, and unusable pesticides (CSUP).  The first 750 pounds of CSUP will be managed utilizing Cleansweep funds. If more CSUP, over the initial 750 pounds exists, the entity requesting service will be responsible for paying for the management of this “excess” material at the
contracted rate directly to the contractor. Additional requests will be handled on a case by case basis, based on the degree of eminent danger to public health and safety and the potential for environmental harm.

If you'd like to get rid of materials you can either forward me your quantity (in lbs.) or use the contact information provide here.
Shannon D. Turner
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
3125 Conner Blvd., Ste N
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Toll-Free 1-877-851-5285

Sunburn, Not Just for People

Here is a shot I took while visiting a grower who mentioned that this huge crapemyrtle blew over in a storm and was on its side for a couple of days.  Notice the amount of bark that cooked off the trunk near the head of the tree.  I would have never guessed that the wound was caused by scalding from the sun.  Something to think about during stormy events or laying down trees in front of an approaching hurricane.

Flooding Damage?

Hillsborough County Agriculture and Economic Development Management is requesting ag producers calculate and state damages resulting from flooding in the county.  If you have experienced loss as a result from flooding please calculate that loss and reply back to me at ststeed@ufl.edu.  Loss should be defined as direct loss (death of crops or plants), productivity loss (e.g. suspending activities, not being able to harvest crops, unable to access fields, etc.), or infrastructure damages (greenhouse collapse, office flooded).  Please state what type and how much damage was incurred in total dollar amounts.  I will then aggregate and forward.  If you have questions please call Shawn 813-744-5519 ext. 54147.


Weed Control Seminar and Demonstration from Southern Ag

I agreed to help Larry Jones from Sothern Ag promote his program he is having in Sumter Co.  Although it is not an official Extension event Dr. Chris Marble a weed scientist from UF will be giving a presentation.  Here is some information if you decide to go.

9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Strategies to achieve better results with lower costs
Dr. Chris Marble - UF
Bill Bodnaruk – Jon’sNursery

9:30 – Airtec Sprayer Demonstration At Hibernia Nursery
1176 C 478A ● Webster, FL 33597

11:00 – Sumter County Fair Grounds Arena
7620 State Road 471 ● Bushnell, FL 33513
FREE LUNCH catered by Market Restaurant Webster

CEUs Available Private Applicator and O&T

Contact: Larry Jones

Private and Core Exam Prep/CEU Classes 8/27/2015

On August 27, 2015, UF/IFAS Hillsborough County will be conducting a class for those who would like to become certified Private Pesticide Applicators or for those who need a few more CEUs towards their license.  The class will be divided into two segments: Core 8:30am-10:30am, Private 10:45am-12:50pm.  Exams will be offered immediately following the classes. However, you do not have to take the exams the same day.  You may schedule a time to take the exams at your convenience.  You may take one class without the other, if needed.
If you are already a license holder, 2 CEUs in Core and 2 Private are offered for both classes, respectively. Light snacks will be offered.  Walk-ins will be welcomed.  The class fee is $15 per class. Here is the link to register.  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/private-and-core-pesticide-applicator-training-tickets-18027407461  Please bring a cash or a check made out to “Hillsborough County EOAC.” if you would like to register same day.  If you have any questions please give Shawn a call 813-744-5519 x 54147.


Nutrient Management Class for Container-Grown Crops

If you wanted to learn more about fertilizing your container plants more specifically or have employees (English and Spanish speaking) that could gain knowledge in this topic area we have an online class for you.

Aug 24 to Sep 18 2015
What is the course about and who is it aimed at?
• Learn from expert UF instructors (Drs. Paul Fisher & Rosanna Freyre):
» List the essential plant nutrients for plant growth
» Interpret a fertilizer label
» Understand fundamentals of managing pH and fertilizer level
» Perform substrate-pH and electrical conductivity (EC) tests
» Identify and prevent pH and EC-related problems

• This will allow you to:
» Solve most common nutrition problems
» Save costs in fertilizer and plant losses
» Reduce impact on the environment

• Designed for greenhouse employees in the U.S. and internationally with no formal horticulture training. A typical participant is a section grower with practical experience who is responsible for fertilizing ornamental crops in containers.

• Lectures & assignments in both English and Spanish.

How do I register and access the course?
 • Each employee will be registered individually to track their progress.
• Online registration link: CLICK HERE
• Once you have registered you will be sent an online link. You will be able to access this with a desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone.
• Classes are completely online and include streaming videos, readings, and assignments. They will be available any time of the day and new modules are activated each of the 4 weeks of the course. It takes about 4 hours per week to complete lessons and activities.
• Chat online with your instructors during the course for help and interactive learning.
• Cost is $200 per employee.

Here is a link to register.  https://reg.distance.ufl.edu/reg/Activity/Details/9A6E97C6B9644C128184F6C389D5FA8A