Best Marketing Strategies for Green Industry Firms

Here is a recently published article from an economist at UF looking at different means of marketing and the average returns per dollar spent on different promotional campaigns.  It provides a  look at the size of the business and the effectiveness of the marketing efforts.  It is interesting to note that research indicates Internet marketing is the most cost effective for small firms, followed by print media and mass media.  To take a more in depth look at the fact sheet "Advertising and Promotions in the U.S. Green Industry" you can click on this link.   http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/fe948


Systems-based Pest Management Publication

I like the opening lines in this new publication from University of Tennessee; "Want to know the most inexpensive way to control pest?  Prevent them!!"  This is a new publication on an approach to controlling pest problems across the nursery as a whole and specifically how that can be done.  This is a good read to bring up some ideas that you might not be aware of or practices that you may not be implementing at the nursery.  The publication discusses ways pests can be dealt with at critical control points during the different stages of production to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to pest control.  This method of pest control achieves a minimization of economic loss due to pest control.  To take a look at this publication here is the link.  https://extension.tennessee.edu/publications/Documents/PB1825.pdf