New Factsheet in Spanish for Glyphosate Applications

I often visit nurseries and see glyphosate being applied over generously and wanted to help growers keep some of their chemical costs in their own pockets.  We created a factsheet to help out with that problem.  I also wanted to let the applicators understand the issue so we translated the factsheet into Spanish.  Here are the two factsheets to help apply glyphosate correctly.

Proper Use and Handling in Plant Nurseries (English) edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ep459
Uso Apropriado y Manipulacion de Glifosato en Viveros de Plantas (Spanish) edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ep470


Gall Wasps on Live Oak Meeting

Don't forget to come out to the Hillsborough County Extension office on Monday at 10:30 am to hear what is know about gall wasps in live oak production.  Dr. Eileen Buss will be visiting from Gainesville to give us the scoop about these economically damaging pests on live oaks.  We will be talking about their identification, biology, life cycle, management and scouting.  We will also be discussing where we need further research to get answers to these problems.  Two CEUs for Private Applicator license have been applied for.  If you would like to join us, please register by following this link.  www.gallwasp.eventbrite.com


Oak Gall Wasp Meeting for Producers

Do you have problems with gall wasps?  Have you had marketability issues with live oaks because of galls?  Do you grow 'Cathedral' live oaks?  Well, you will want to come out to our meeting on live oak gall wasps.  On March 18, 2013 here at our Extension office, at 10:30 am, you can meet the researcher who literally wrote the book on gall wasps, Dr. Eileen Buss.  She will tell us what we know about different gall wasps.  There are a few that negatively impact oak production in our area.  I have seen leafy galls, bullet galls, a stem gall, and potato gall.  Sometimes these wasps can be so bad as to render a crop unsaleable. Dr. Buss will also let us know what we currently know about controlling these pests and what we know about their life cycle.  This meeting is also designed to get feedback from you to help us identify where we need to go next with the research to control this problem.  Dr. Buss will work with us in our area to solve these problems.  If you grow live oaks I hope to see you at our meeting.  Please call Shawn for more details 813-744-5519 ext147.