USF Looking for Growers for Fresh Market

USF is looking for individuals who do not necessarily have to be farmers. Maybe even a backyard gardener or someone who specializes in something, just anyone who might be interested in selling at their market. They would prefer organic but will take conventional to grow the market as long as it is not wholesale or resale produce. They are also trying to educate the USF community on what is in season and the health benefits of what they are selling. They also will sell plants, flowers, herbs and some packaged items. Right now the university has strict rules on anything homemade related to food but they can sell jams, jellies, (one lady sells salsa) as long as it is not in containers or plastic baggies (with the exception of dried herbs). They can sell baked goods but they must be things like artisan breads. They are not wanting to sell anything that is processed, so no cookies, cakes, etc. There is a small application that they can discuss with the farmer. The market date will be Thursday January 30th from 11-3pm with set up starting at 10am. Tabling fee is $10.00 and parking is $5.00. They will consider discussing consignment for someone who has an interest but cannot table themselves. As always Farmers don't have to commit to any specific market They call everyone each month and see what they want to do. So farmers can come in and out as they please, there is no obligation. They also try and visit the farm/property of the person that is selling to see how they operate and what they do. If you would like more information pleas contact Colleen Mulkahey cmulcahe@mail.usf.edu | 813-952-7769 | fb.com/farmusf

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