Tree Grower Wanted

General Information

Job title:Tree Grower
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Job location:Ruskin, FL  
Job type:Full-Time
Compensation:Salary plus vacation

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Job Description

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Sun City Tree Farm is seeking a container tree grower to manage and oversee 150 acres of trees. The tree grower is responsible for the day to day growing of trees and management of field production crews.

Responsibilities Include:

- Monitoring and scheduling irrigation.
- Monitoring and controlling fertilizer applications.
- Monitoring and scouting crops for pest and disease.
- Troubleshooting pest and disease with proper spray program.
- Oversee all pruning and staking of trees.
- Involvement with our root manipulation process.
- Some (limited) propagation required.
- Production reports.
- Assist with inventory when needed.
- Assist production manager with shifting when needed.
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Job Requirements

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Educations & Experience:

- Bachelors Degree in Horticulture or related field preferred.
- Associates Degree in Horticulture or related field preferred.
- Certified Horticultural Professional (FNGLA)
- 3-5 years growing container trees or plants required.
- Pesticide license preferred.
- Certified Arborist preferred.

Skills required:

- Knowledge of pest and diseases.
- Knowledge of chemicals spray programs.
- Ability to diagnose and solve problems.
- Knowledge of Florida Grades & Standards
- Supervisory and training.
- Organized and detail oriented.
- Demonstrates initiative and self motivation.
- Good interpersonal skills.
- Some Spanish a must.
- Computer skills Microsoft Office.
- Ability to manage up to 20 employees.
- Ability to lift up to 50lbs.
- Must be able to tolerate sun, heat and cold.

For inquires please call Vincent Tort 813-645-9527

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