Recycling Plastic Containers?

Every once in a while I notice a really crafty idea while visiting nurseries that I like to share.  I happened across this idea while visiting a nursery of a different sort.  While going to pick up my children and wife at the church nursery I came across this unique use for recycling nursery containers.  One broken tibia, one fraying heel, one crafty dad, and one intelligent solution; problem solved.  Here is one more example of how our products positively benefit everyday lives.  Thanks H.'s for sharing your solution with us.



  1. We have them in a few different colors now. Time to get a patent.

  2. Most interesting... I wonder if they should have left the pot lip on to help hold the strap in place. The medical supply version of this is probably $$$ pretty expensive.

  3. I belong to the Lutz-Land O' Lakes Woman's Club. The ladies bring me their empty pots which I collect until I have a pile. Then I donate them to schools that have nursery operations and/or other institutions.