Operation Cleansweep is Back

If you have old chemicals and want to get rid of them at no cost (up to 500 lbs.) then here is a program for you.  Again in 2014-2015, Operation Cleansweep will provide farmers, nursery operators, golf course operators, and pest control services a one-time safe and economical way to dispose of their cancelled, suspended, and unusable pesticides. Now is your chance to get rid of those jugs and bags in your pesticide shed that you have no idea what they are, before you have an inspection. You will need to schedule a pickup.  Your business can register for free pickup and disposal of cancelled, suspended or unusable pesticides by email (cleansweep@freshfromflorida.com) by phone at 877.851.5285.   If you want to get rid of more than 500 lbs of material then there are provisions for that.  You will need to pay a reduced rate but a fee will need to be paid on extra poundage.  Click on the hyperlink for more information and contacts.  http://www.dep.state.fl.us/waste/categories/cleansweep-pesticides/

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