Florida Constitutional Amendments

I found these non-biased UF publications useful in informing my thoughts on the upcoming vote.  I'm sure they will help you out as well.  Here is a summary and analysis on the pros/cons of each of the ballot items of proposed state constitutional amendments that Floridians will be voting on.  Now if only we could get UF to do non-biased publications on those running for office.

2012 Florida Constitutional Amendments Series

In addition to 2012 being a presidential election year, Florida voters also will be asked to vote on a number of proposed amendments to their state constitution. Many voters remain either unaware or less informed regarding the effects and impacts of the proposed constitutional amendments. This series of 6 fact sheets was written by Rodney L. Clouser, and published by the UF Department of Food and Resource Economics, July 2012.
Amendment 2: Veterans Disabled Due to Combat Injury; Homestead Property Tax Discount

Amendment 3: State Government Revenue Limitation

Amendment 4: Property Tax Limitations; Property Value Decline; Reduction for Nonhomestead Assessment Increases, Delay of Scheduled Repeal

Amendment 9: Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Surviving Spouse of Military Veteran or First Responder

Amendment 10: Tangible Personal Property Tax Exemption

Amendment 11: Additional Homestead Exemption; Low-Income Seniors Who Maintain Long-Term Residency on Property; Equal to Assessed Value

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