Landscaper Opportunity

Soho Landscape is looking to fill a position that is vacant...

We are a small boutique landscape and lawn maintenance company based in South Tampa. We are looking to find ONE new team member who is interested in learning our business and eventually running a crew.

We are looking for someone who has attention to detail.
You must have reliable transportation. We start and stop each day in South Tampa.
You must have a valid drivers license and social security number.
Must pass a background check and drug check.
We require all team members to wear uniforms.
We have a very low turn over in team members because we are very selective in our hiring process.
If you are not committed to working outdoors, in the heat, in the sun, in the cold, then do NOT apply.
Knowledge of the Florida landscape and Best Management Practices in horticulture will be viewed as favorable; however, not necessacary.

This position is for FULL TIME employment - NOT seasonal.
Your first 6 months of employment will consist of 70% lawn maintenance work and 30% landscaping work.
We process payroll every two weeks.

Lawn maintenance work = running an edger, line trimmer, hedge trimmer, push mower, and eventually using the larger zero turn mower
Landscape work = digging holes, transplanting, mulching, pulling weeds, pruning

We also maintain much of our own equipment. This means you will be responsible for assisting in washing the work trucks, cleaning equipment, changing air filters/spark plugs, sharpening blades, etc.

All new team members will be required to pass our training program within 90 days. After completion of the 90 day training program, you are eligable for a raise (typically $1 to $2 per hour depending on performance).

We are looking to bring on our ONE new team member by mid June, ready to start work on June 18th.

Our company: Soho Landscape
Here is the process for getting an interview:
1) Visit our website and submit an email via our website. http://www.soholandscape.com/home
2) We will contact you via phone/email. We will email you an official job application.
3) You will fill out the three page application and based on your responses, we may contact you for an in person interview.
4) If we wish to offer you a job position after the interview, you will be required to pass a drug test and background check.

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