More Publications from IFAS

Here are a few more nursery production publications you might like to take a look at. 
I see ragweed parthenium in some of the nurseries that I visit.  The biotype that I saw did not completely die with the application of glyphosate.  It merely lost some leaves and then bounced back.  Here is a new factsheet about it.

Identification, Impacts, and Control of Ragweed Parthenium (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) (ENH1187/EP448)

One of the worlds most invasive weeds, this member of the Asteraceae family is a problem in Africa, Australia, India, and is increasingly a problem in Florida. Learn more in this 10-page fact sheet was written by Robert H. Stamps, and published by the UF Department of Environmental Horticulture, December 2011. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ep448

Also from IFAS, a publication about changing from plastic pots to other materials.  You can save oil and use a sustainable product.

Alternatives to Petroleum-Based Containers for the Nursery Industry (ENH1193/EP454)
Biodegradable containers are an increasingly attractive option for consumers and growers alike. This 5-page fact sheet looks at the past, present, and future of containers used in container nursery production. Written by Gary W. Knox and Matthew Chappell, and published by the UF Department of Environmental Horticulture, November 2011.http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ep454

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