The Integrated Pest Management Update

This year's Integrated Pest Management Update looks like it's shaped up to be a really good seminar. The event will take place on February 8, 2012 at UF/IFAS Southwest Florida  Research  and Education Center in Balm. We've got a great lineup of speakers from all over the state of Florida and from Texas A&M University.  This year's theme is "doing more with less"in terms of integrated pest management in nursery production.  Here is the lineup of speakers.

Pest Insect Update - Catherine Mannion, Ph.D., University of Florida (UF) TREC

Reducing Costs through Scouting - Catherine Mannion, Ph.D., UF TREC & Bill Schall, UF/IFAS Palm Beach County Extension Service

Low Imput Strategies for Reducing Plant Diseases - Matthews Paret, Ph.D., UF NFREC

Vendor Presentations
New pyraclostrobin & fungicide/miticide products, BASF Corporation
Biological Products, BioWorks, Inc.
Hachi-Hachi Insecticide, SePro
Benefit Insecticide & Jewel Herbicide, Everris
Kontos Insecticide & Biathlon Herbicide, OHP, Inc.
Magus Miticide, Gowan

Insects Use Fertilizer Too! Managing Both - Kevin Heinz, Ph.D., Texas A&M

IPM Through the Economic Lens - Charles Hall, Ph.D., Texas A&M

Here is the flyer for more information.  http://hillsborough.extension.ufl.edu/Ag/AgOrnProd/documents/IPMflierdraft.pdf
And here is the link to register for the event.

The cost is only $20 and snacks are included.  CEU's and FNGLA Credits will be available.  Hope you will take advantage of this great educational lineup!

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