NEW Hillsborough County Sponsored CEU Webpage

Here is what every private applicator spray licence holder has been wishing since they received their spray license. Thanks to industry sponsorship and University of Florida/IFAS and Hillsborough County Extension, finally a webpage where you can go to get Pesticide Core CEU credits anytime you want. Just click on the webpage, go to one of the articles and read it. After you're done reading, click on the button to take a short quiz. The software will grade the quiz for you and let you know your results. If you get better than a 70% passing grade you will be e-mailed one Core CEU Credit from the Extension office. It couldn't be easier unless I hand delivered a CEU credit to you without you doing anything. Since this is illegal and won’t happen, this new CEU webpage is the next easiest thing and legal. I want to thank the generous sponsorship of our first sponsor Audie Ham of Diamond R Fertilizer. If you would like to be a sponsor of this CEU webpage please let me know. This will allow CEU's to be brought to the public at no charge in a very efficient manner. Go ahead and take a look at the website and enjoy your free CEU's.


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