Increase Your Sales Using the Internet

Would you like to learn how to increase ornamental sales from other growers who are web-savvy or would you like to be in on a meeting to generate ideas on how to increase sales using the web? Extension will be having a half-day workshop on Using the Internet to Increase Sales on Feb. 16 from 8:00-12:30 in Apopka, FL.

Here's the agenda: Building a Better Business to Business Website with Erin Freel Nest, The Market Place Web Design & Video Production from Weirsdale, FL and Using Social Media to Market Your Product with Tracy Irani, PhD, Agriculture Education and Communications Dept., Gainesville, FL.

We will also include using the program Market Maker which allows growers to market directly with buyers via the new Florida wide website.

There will also be a growers panel (Travis Council, Alan Bunch, and Rick Brown from our area) who are currently using the web to drive their plant sales.

I will be personally driving a van of up to six participants to the workshop in Apopka. You are welcome to drive yourself but it might be nice to fellowship with your fellow growers in the area on the way there and back. If you would like to ride with us you will need to be at the Hillsborough County extension office at 6:00 AM. You also need to click on the following link to register as I can only take six people.

There will only be seats available for 30 participants at the program so register early. Here is the flyer link for further information.
Call the number on the flyer to register without riding in the van.

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