Numeric Nutrient Criteria

Most of you have already heard about the proposed EPA numeric nutrient criteria. You also probably know that it can have a major impact in your daily business life. The EPA is giving us guidelines as to how clean the water that leaves your farm needs to be. If the water does not measure up to the standards then measures to monitor and treat this water would be necessary. If you have already signed up for the Nursery Best Management Practices (BMP)you have a waiver of liability if you follow the practices and are found to be in violation of the standards. If you have not signed up yet...SIGN UP NOW!!! Call Jemy Hinton at 813-478-6630. She will walk you through the painless process and can even help you get cost share money to improve your production practices.

And for a reference guide to understand all this talk about the numeric nutrient criteria, IFAS has just published a handy guide to help you understand what is going on and how to be in on the process. Just click on the link below for A Guide to EPA's Proposed Numeric Nutrient Water Quality Criteria for Florida: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ss528

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