Money for Producers Part II

Another funding source for doing smaller projects to protect our water resources is the mini-FARMS program which gets its approval from the SWFWMD. This program matches nursery owners' funds to save water, reduce fertilizer runoff, store chemicals properly and mainly protect the ground water. The grants are up to $8000.00 and will cover material costs but not labor. Nurserymen will be reimbursed up to 85% of the costs. This is available to anyone in the SWFWM District and have under 100 irrigated acres. You must sign a notice of intent to implement the BMP practices. The contact person is Jessica McCoy and her number is 800-836-0797. You can also call me and I will help you identify possible projects and help with the grant proposal. I know a number of nurseries that have been awarded grants to help build soil pads, potting barns, solar mist clocks, weather stations, variable speed pumps, EC meters, pH meters, and chemical storage sheds. More information can be found at the mini-FARMS website http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/agriculture/farms/files/mini-FARMS_brochure.pdf

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