How do I ship plants to that state?

Ever wonder what regulations are required to ship your product to another state. Are there any quarantined items? Are there any inspections needed? Do they allow my products into that state? Here is a great resource that may help to answer that question. This is a link to the National Plan Board--http://www.nationalplantboard.org/laws/index.html

This website has information that you will need to have your plants shipped into another state. The NPB site reads, "Each State summary lists the relevant plant health agency and contact information; definition of nursery stock; general shipping requirements; and quarantines or other specific certification requirements that apply for shipment into that state."

Remember that this is not an all inclusive list and some extra information may be obtained by contacting your local plant inspectors. Here is a link to find your local state plant inspectors--http://www.doacs.state.fl.us/pi/plantinsp/pi_inspectordirectory/pi_insp_map.html

There may be federal regulations that may need to be met in order to move your plants across state lines so it would be a good idea to check with your local office to find out all relevant information.

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