Hillsborough County Nursery Seeking Grower

A Hillsborough County Nursery is looking for a woody ornamental grower with the following credentials.  If you or someone you know is interested please email Shawn Steed at UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County.

-          Self-Starter
-          Organized
-          Knowledge of woody ornamentals
-          Develop a crop/nursery maintenance program
o   Knowledge of chemicals – When and where to use them
o   Knowledge of pests/insects – Scout regularly and know how to identify them.
o   Knowledge of fungus/bacteria
o   Knowledge of herbicides and seasonal weeds
o   Assist in conducting training programs to protect workers involved in pest/fungus/weed control. 
o    Direct all aspects of nursery production
o   Assist in managing inventory and availability – input on when and what to pot up when inventory is getting low
o   Knowledge of planting, pruning, fertilizing, and weeding, AND having the ability to direct others in these activities.
o   Provide direction to other employees and process the ability to train or teach others along the way
o   Assist in purchasing and receiving raw materials, and step up material by communicating with us on what and when you need something for production.  This includes procurement of products such as fertilizer, chemicals, pots, soil, etc.  
-          Knowledge of human resource issues in the production area – conscience of practices that are unsafe and harmful to all employees involved
-          Ability to coordinate equipment needs/service and maintenance. 
-          Assist in daily sales, and coordinate pulling orders correctly.  This includes being able to direct other employees to help in this process.
-          Oversee all orders for delivery to ensure the right plants and quantities are pulled. 

-          Knowledge of loading trucks and how to organize multiple orders on one truck.  

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