Hillsborough County Extension Arbor Day Tree Giveaway Contests

UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County is sponsoring two Arbor Day contests with the help of Florida Forestry Service and Kerby's Nursery, to promote the the appreciation and planting of trees.  We will be having a Mail Art Contest and a Written Word Contest. Both contests are open to any aged resident of Hillsborough County.  The winner will receive a tree of their choice from Kerby's Nursery and a tree planting kit (may include items such as fertilizer, shovel, gloves, pruners, etc).  Rules and information are available at these two links...
Mail Art Contest-    http://tiny.cc/9iedky
Written Word Contest- http://tiny.cc/akedky

Please share this information to those who may be interseted.
Contest closes 4/14/17!

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