AgVenture Needs Generous Growers

Were you ever inspired as a kid, by someone who loved their career?  Have you ever thought that you might be that person who would inspire someone on a new career trajectory?

Hillsborough County Farm Bureau and Tampa Chapter FNGLA will be trying to inspire children in third grade with a program called AgVenture.  Kids from all over Hillsborough will go to the state fair grounds and learn about different facets of agriculture, including Environmental Horticulture.  The only problem is that very few growers (FNGLA and Farm Bureau Members) ever want to leave their nursery for a few hours and teach kids about what they do.  I hope that you might consider giving a few hours of your time to help out this worthy program.  A free lunch is included after you are done teaching.  The lesson is a script and all the materials are already lined up.  Here is the information below.

They need volunteers at the Florid State Fairgrounds from Oct 24-28 & Oct 31 - Nov 4.  Hours each day are 10:00am - 12:35pm.

- teach students about growing plants for environmental horticulture
- there is a script you can use and demo material will be on site
- students rotate in groups every 20-30 minutes

Several of us have volunteered in years past; however, I know everyone is swamped at the moment.  If you can help or know someone who can, please contact 
Judi  Whitson

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