IPM Scouting Class in Manatee County

My colleague from Manatee County, Martha Glenn is starting a scouting class that some of you may be interested in attending.  Here is the information about it.

Sign up now for the Integrated Pest Management/Scout Training being held at the Manatee County Extension.  It is a three day training that starts next Thursday, August 11th continues on the 18th, and finishes August 25th.  Some of the topics included are:

 August 11th – Scouting for Insects & Beneficials taught by Justin Renkema (GCREC) & Adam Dale (Gainesville) both Assistant Professors of Entomology/UF
                Also included on this day will be the benefits of IPM and scouting and the mechanics and strategies of scouting.
August 18th – Scouting for Diseases  taught by Jim Mertely a plant pathologist at the Gulf Coast Research and Educational Center
                Also included on this day will be scouting techniques, and scouting for abiotics and nematodes
August 25th – Weed ID and Control taught by Chris Marble (Mid-FL Research and Education Center), Assistant Professor of Weed Management
                Also included on this day will be pH, EC and water quality

Plans are to do some hands on scouting each day.  Lunch is included in the fee for the training. 

Please register at   https://ipmtraining.eventbrite.com
If you have any questions, please contact Martha Glenn.
Email:  mglenn7@ufl.edu
Phone:  941-722-4524 ext. 255
Cell:  941-840-3000

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