UF Greenhouse 101 Course

Did you ever want to take a few more classes to increase your knowledge on greenhouse crop production?  How about giving some employees that little bit of extra instruction they can complete after hours?  Here is a class for you!  UF's Greenhouse 101:Plant Science for Commercial Production.
In this class you will learn the underlying horticultural science of plant growth from experienced PhD University of Florida instructors (Drs. Brian Pearson, Rosanna Freyre and Paul Fisher).
A little about the class...
• Make effective crop decisions by understanding the “why”
and not just the “how”.
• Lectures & assignments in both English and Spanish.
• Designed for greenhouse employees in the U.S. and internationally who do not have formal training in horticulture. The typical participant is a section grower who has practical experience and is responsible for planting, spraying, pinching, irrigating and fertilizing ornamental crops in containers

Topics will include.
1. Plant Parts & Functions
2. Photosynthesis and growth
3. Greenhouse technology
4. Flowering
5. Compactness and branching
6. Growing substrates and water
7. Nutrition
8. Plant health

Cost will be $200.00 per person.  To find out more and to register please click on this link.  https://reg.distance.ufl.edu/reg/Activity/Details/BB356A4F4EE143E78276DE58ED7F85FE

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