New Businesses Marketing on the Internet

Can internet marketing help you increase your business revenues?  This was a question that some Extension researchers asked and then proceeded to find out the answer.  Yes you can!  The researchers surveyed Mississippi small businesses and found a significant result.  The results from their survey showed that by using the internet you can in fact, increase your business.  The longer businesses used the internet, the older the businesses were, the more employees they had, and the higher the revenue generated.  This might be a compelling reason, especially for start-up nurseries to join the digital age and start selling more plants.  For more information here is a link to the Journal of Extension article by Gallardo and Jacobs.  http://www.joe.org/joe/2014august/rb6.php

Here are a few publications if you are a small grower and looking for a start on the internet
that might help you out.  "Increasing Sales on Small Farms Using Web Based Classifieds,"  http://hillsborough.ifas.ufl.edu/documents/pdf/agriculture/A-Z_pubs/WebBasedClassifieds.pdf
and this one, "How Small Farms can Use Blogs to Increase Businesses."  http://hillsborough.ifas.ufl.edu/documents/pdf/agriculture/A-Z_pubs/BusinessBlogs.pdf

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