Environmental Horticulture Outlook 2014

For those of you wishing you had a crystal ball to look into the future of the environmental horticulture production industry for 2014 here is as close as it gets.  UF/IFAS Food and Resource Economics Department (FRED) Dr. Hayk Katchatrayn and Dr. Alan Hodges give their perspective for the Florida Nursery and Landscape Industry for 2014.  Overall in their opinion it looks like there will be a similar year as last year. Factors that will affect the increase of sales will be the housing and construction market, homes sales, consumer sentiment, and general employment.  Increases in these areas will generally lead to support in sales of environmental horticulture products.  As an industry we need to be exacting in knowing our costs and diligent in finding new market outlets for our products to increase sales and profit growth.  Remember we are in a mature to declining industry where competition abounds forcing a downward movement in prices.  A bright spot however on the horizon looks to be the landscaping market.  This segment of the industry still seems to have some growth left in it.  Here is Dr. Katchatrayn’s 22 minute report that you can download and view yourself just follow this link.  http://tiny.cc/greenreport2014

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