CEU Day in Balm

For those of you who like to get your pesticide CEUs out of the way in one day; We've got the program for you.  Attend the Great CEU Round Up at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center at Balm on July 10th at 8:30.

For the third year in a row, the FTGA has teamed up with the Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) to present The Great CEU Round-Up, a full day of education that will be simulcast to locations around Florida from the University of Florida, Gainesville via “PolyCom”. This year, The Round-Up will be held on July 10, from 8:30 AM EDT to 4:00 PM. Lunch is provided.
The Round-Up has been designed to award up to six CEU’s to attendees in some of the most difficult to attain subject areas, including aquatic weed control, natural areas, right-of-way and forestry, among others.

The pre-registration cost for the Great CEU Round-Up is $50 for Industry Professionals, $25 for Municipal Workers, and $10 for IFAS employees. Click here to pre-register or download the Agenda. On-site registration is available at a 50% premium (i.e. $75, $37.50 and $15 respectively).
Click here to register Great CEU Round Up Link
Topics and speakers include: Selecting the right adjuvant, Jay Ferrell; Integrating biological controls and herbicides, Jim Cuda; Why landscapes fail, Susan Haddock; Weed control in Florida’s waters and natural areas, Lyn Gettys; Managing herbicide applications against development of resistance, Bill Haller; and Herbicide injury from off target sprays, Peter Dittmar.

Here is a summary of CEUs for the day.
Category CEUs:

Private Applicator 5,  Aerial 5, Ag Row Crop 4, Ag Tree Crop 4, Aquatic Weed Control 5, Forestry 5, Natural Areas Weed Management 5, Ornamental & Turf 5, Regulatory Pest Control 5, Right-of-Way 5, Limited Landscape Maintenance 5, Limited Lawn & Ornamental 5, Commercial Lawn & Ornamental 5, Total available for full-day participation 6

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