Regional Nursery Irrigation Workshop

Ever wondered about how good a job you are doing irrigating your nursery?  Are you giving the plants the optimal amount of water for the best possible growth?  Is there money out there to help you apply water more effectively or efficiently? 

We hope to answer some of these questions and a few more...

How can you reduce the amount of water applied to your crops?
How can you save fertilizer and pesticide applications by irrigating effectively?
How much water should you apply?
How can you check your water quality?
Is your water quality affecting your plant health?
How do you know how much fertilizer is left in the container?
Is it time to apply more fertilizer?
Does your irrigation water contain pathogens that are limiting plant growth?

Join us at J & R Nursery on May 14, 2013 at 3:00 pm for a Regional Nursery Irrigation Workshop and dinner.  Cost will be $15.00. Extension is bringing top experts to Hillsborough County to have a hands on irrigation event with 3 Private Applicator CEUs Available.  Here is the agenda...

2:30-3:00 Mr. Shawn Steed-Check in and introduction.
3:00-4:30 Dr. Paul Fisher-Irrigation pH, EC, and biological components and how they negatively can affect plant growth.
4:30-4:45 Break refreshments (Check your water EC and pH, bring samples from your nursery).
4:45-6:15 Dr. Tom Yeager-Container irrigation practices to reduce plant problems and save costs.
6:15-6:30 Hands on Demonstrations (Station Rotations)
Mr. Ed Skvarch-Fertilizer leaching demonstration
Mr. Shawn Steed-2 to 1 substrate test for EC and pH.
Ms. Venessa Campoverde-Pour through method EC and pH tests
6:30-7:00 Ms. Jemy Hinton-Container irrigation BMPs-How to sign up? Why?
Mr. Guillermo Alverio-Mobile Irrigation Lab
SWFWMD-Cost share money for irrigation improvements.
7:00-8:00 Evaluations and Dinner

We will be in the field at a nursery so you can get hands on information to bring back and use.  We will do irrigation water tests, you can schedule to sign up for the Best Management Practices, and you will find out how you can get SWFWMD money to improve your water delivery.

All participants must register by 5/12/13 by clicking this link http://nurserybmp.eventbrite.com
You may also register or ask questions by calling or emailing Shawn Steed (ststeed@ufl.edu   813-744-5519 x 54147)

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