Private and Core Pesticide Exam Training Course

My colleague and I will be putting on a study session for the Private Applicator License Exam.  You can sign up via Eventbrite by clicking HERE.  This is a way to review material if you need CEUs for your Private Applicator License (Core and Private applicator CEUs)

Here is the information.

9 a.m.-12 p.m. Private Applicator Training
Shawn Steed, Extension Agent II, UF/IFAS Polk and Hillsborough County Extension

9-9:20 Participants will receive a brief overview of pesticide licensing for private applicators including testing and renewal requirements to comply with Florida law regarding restricted use applications.

9:20- 10:00 Participants will learn the importance of pest identification, insect features and life cycles, the objectives and categories of available pest control measures (including host resistance, sanitation, biological, cultural mechanical, and chemical), and an overview of plant pathogens.

10-11 Participants will review weed classification and control measures. Participants will learn considerations when using soil fumigants such as soil conditions, application depth and dosage. Requirements to comply with Worker Protection Standard for workers and handlers will be covered including: notification and training, protection, mitigation and emergency assistance.

11-12 Participants will briefly review features of application equipment and finish with calibration calculations required to properly apply pesticides. Converting between feet and acres, finding percent solution, calculating gallons per acre and miles per hour, and the square footage of treatment area will be covered.

12-1 Break for lunch (lunch not provided)

1 p.m.- Private Applicator Exam will be administered concurrent to Core training

1-3 p.m. Core Exam Prep, Mary Beth Henry, Extension Agent II, UF/IFAS Polk County Extension

1-2 Participants will learn about the federal and state laws pertaining to pesticide applicators. Participants will learn how to find and use the information found on a pesticide label including information concerning personal protective equipment, environmental hazards, and storage and disposal information.

2-3 Participants will review safety practices to use when applying pesticides. Participants will learn important application considerations, such as when and how to use pesticides, to protect people and the environment. Participants will learn the principles of integrated pest management and pest control to make informed decisions regarding use of pest control measures and pesticides.

3:00-Core exam will be administered

About the license, materials, and more:
The Florida Private Applicator License is available only to private individuals applying pesticides to their own property or to property rented, leased to them or to their employer.

The Florida Private Applicator Certification Exam requires a passing grade (70%) on the Private Applicator Exam and a passing grade (70%) on the General Standards (CORE) Exam. This certification must be renewed every 4 years either by testing or with 8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 4 CEUs in each appropriate category: 4 CEUs in the CORE category and 4 CEUs in the Private Applicator category.

This session will give an overview of information covered by the exam and will pay particular attention to calculations necessary for proper application. Participants should expect to learn necessary information on their own by spending time with the study materials below and plan to use this exam prep to help pull the information together and focus the knowledge gained through independent study.

Note: in order to obtain the private applicator license both the Private Applicator and General Standards or Core exam must be passed.

CEUS for Renewal
CEUs will be applied for and will be posted when approved.

Lunch and Taking the Exam
Exams will be offered after a lunch break following the training. Lunch will not be provided and there are limited restaurants in the vicinity. Participants are advised to bring their lunch.

Participants may take either the Private or Core exam or both. Participants must bring a valid driver’s license in order to take an exam. Participants have up to three hours per exam.

There is no charge to take either of these exams. A fee will be required to obtain a license after passing- scoring at least 70% on both exams. The fee is $100. If the applicator already has a restricted use pesticide applicator license, there is not a charge to add a category. It takes about a month to get your score back through the mail. Scores may also be checked online at http://app1.flaes.org/ceu/.

Study Material
These study manuals are available from the IFAS Bookstore in Gainesville, either by ordering online or by calling 1-800-226-1764. Credit card orders should arrive in 4-5 days.
Applying Pesticides Correctly: A Guide for Pesticide Applicators (CORE) (SM-1). $20.00. Also called the "CORE Manual".
Private Applicator Pest Control Training Manual (SM-53). $10.00.

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