FNGLA Annual Plant Auction

It's time the annual joint meeting with the Tampa Chapter FNGLA and the Tampa Bay Wholesale Growers. This meeting takes place at the Hillsborough County Fair Plant Auction on October 20, 2012. The event starts with a free BBQ lunch for TBWG members sponsored by FNGLA Tampa Chapter at 12:00 noon. These lunch tickets are purchased from the Hillsborough County Extension 4-H Club and given to TBWG members with request. This was an idea from the FNGLA to thank the grower members for their donations of plants for the auction. The money raised from the lunch tickets goes to assist the youth in 4-H clubs around Hillsborough County. At 12:30 p.m. there is a silent auction of allied goods for growers only. Since traditionally not many grower members show up, chemicals, fertilizers, spray equipment, and soil are auctioned off at a fraction of the price you pay from your chemical rep's. At 1:30 p.m. we start our annual plant auction that is open to the public. This money goes to raise funds for the Tampa Chapter FNGLA in support of educational programs and the Carl Cowgill scholarships that go to aspiring, college level horticulturalists in Hillsborough County. The donations for the plant auction mainly come from our grower members of the TBWG. So if you can donate some plant materials this year we really appreciate it. We usually call all the members for their donations. If you don’t get a call from the FNGLA and would like to donate please call Shawn Steed at 813-744-5519. We have nursery drop off points in the four corners of the county and the Hills. Co. Fairgrounds for your convenience. We will need all plant/item donations by Wednesday Oct 17. If you can assist in any way at the auction please call also. We can also use help on Wednesday with the auction set up and pick up and transport of plant donations. Any help given will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please give Shawn a ring.

See you at the Auction!

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