Wanted: Environmental Horticulture Professor

It was exciting to find out in my travels to the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Balm that they have posted an employment opportunity seeking an assistant professor of environmental horticulture.  The GCREC will be seeking a candidate to pursue research and extension activities in environmental horticulture, particularly commercial production, evaluation, and management of plants for human-dominated landscapes.
This is great news for our local enviro. hort. producers and landscapers.  The candidate will be working with the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology whose mission is to protect Florida's natural resources by responsible landscape management.  According to Jack Rechcigl the Center Director, they are looking at around September for interviews. If you have any input you would like to share regarding the hiring of someone please give the GCREC a call 813-634-0000.  I will keep you posted on the progress of this opportunity.

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