Preemergent Herbicide Publication

What's the best herbicide to use for controlling  bittercress in containers? Which herbicide can I use over the top of crape myrtles? What herbicides are labeled for greenhouse use to control artillery fern? These are some of the common questions I get as an extension agent. In general, for these determinations we look at four basic questions:  What crop are you growing?  What weed are you trying to control?  What location are you growing at? What chemical/s are available to use on the crop?  To answer most of those questions we are fortunate to have a great publication available.  Dr. Bob Stamps (et. al) has just updated the publication entitled Preemergence Herbicides for Use in Ornamentals.  If you have questions like the ones I mentioned previously I would highly recommend you take a look at this publication.  http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/wg058   It covers many of the common weeds we see in the nursery industry, numerous facts about the herbicides available, and tolerance of different crop plants to preemergent herbicides all listed in a nice layout.  Remember to first identify the weed correctly, when you make a herbicide selection follow the label, and always rotate pesticides.   

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