UF Releases New Coleus Cultivars for Exclusive Liscensing

UF has just released 4 new coleus cultivars for growers interested in exclusive liscensing agreement from the Florida Foundation Seed Producers (FFSP).  For more information you can go to the FFSP website.   http://ffsp.net/resources/ITN11-01-4+-+Coleus+Cultivars.pdf

Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc. (FFSP) is announcing these Invitations to Negotiate (ITN) for the exclusive licensing opportunities of the 'UF08-4-3', 'UF08-17-4', 'UF09-6-1' and 'UF09-27-1' coleus cultivars. These cultivars were developed in the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences' coleus breeding program under the direction of Dr. David Clark.

FFSP encourages technology transfer to be an open process among all interested external parties. Because these cultivars may be exclusively licensed, the award of these exclusive licenses will be handled through our ITN process. If you or your company are unfamiliar with the ITN process, please click here for more information. http://ffsp.net/4.html
There are three (3) principles used to guide the entire FFSP ITN process. In order of importance, these principles are:
For the good of the State of Florida and its people;
For the good of the University of Florida and IFAS; and
For the good of the breeding program and the breeders.
These three (3) principles are to be addressed at all levels of discussion in the ITN process.

Cultivar descriptions

'UF08-4-3' is a vigorous, upright growing plant with velvety textured leaves. Foliage color is mainly yellow-green in the center of the leaf, transitioning to darker yellow-green margins with yellow-green leaf veins on the adaxial surface. Leaf shape is reticulate at the base and caudate at the tip with lacerate margins.

'UF08-17-4' is a vigorous, large-leafed plant with a loosely mounded habit. Foliage on the adaxial leaf surface is primarily red-purple with yellow-greeninterveinal areas and margins. Leaf shape is attenuate at the base and caudate at the tip with undulated lobed margins.

'UF09-6-1' is a plant with upright growth habit, uniform branching and standard vigor similar to most commercial varieties. The adaxial leaf surface is mottled with yellow and yellow-green. Young leaves feature a red-purple center, while older leaves display less of this pink color. Leaf shape is auriculate at the base and whorled/acuminate at the tip with lobed margins.

'UF09-27-1' is a plant with upright growth habit, uniform branching, and vigor similar to that of most other commercial coleus varieties. Foliage features a mixture of red-purple, brown, and yellow-green on the adaxial leaf surface. Leaf shape is attenuate at the base and acute at the tip with lobed margins.
Performance and selection

'UF08-4-3' was selected mainly for its novel leaf shape and bold, lemon-lime foliage color. It has superior color stability in both sun and shade. This plant has not been observed to set flowers in any trial to date. Thus, it is desirable for long-season performance in the landscape.

'UF08-17-4' was chosen for its mounded plant habit, lack of flowering, and proliferation of vegetative propagules. The maroon leaf color of this cultivar, which is mottled with lime-green colored edges, is very stable in both sun and shade. The mounded growth habit of this cultivar would also accent front borders of landscape.

'UF09-6-1' has a novel foliage color patterning and leaf shape and is distinguished by its color compatibility with other plants in the landscape. Leaves are mainly bright yellow-green, but pink leaf centers and a distinct leaf shape give leaves a swirled pattern and appearance.

'UF09-27-1' was selected mainly for its unique combination of leaf colors and its stable color patterning in both sun and shade conditions. 'UF09-27-1' is well branched and should produce ample cuttings for propagators. It does not flower until very late in the season, which ensures that this plant will have a long season to show all of its different colors.

All interested parties are encouraged to submit comments and/or proposals for these exclusive licensing opportunities. In order to submit comments and/or proposals, you must first complete and submit the ITN Acknowledgment Form(s) to Mr. John Beuttenmuller, FFSP Executive Director via fax or mail (Fax - (877) 839-9162, Mail - 1059 McCarty Hall D, PO Box 110200, Gainesville, FL 32611-0200). The ITN Acknowledgment Forms can be found at the end of the Coleus ITN Announcement Packet. After FFSP has received your signed Acknowledgment Form(s), your company will be sent a questionnaire, which may be used as a template for your proposal.

All proposals and comments must be received by FFSP before 12PM EST on Friday, June 17, 2011. Proposals and comments received after this time will not be accepted or considered.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact FFSP John Beuttenmuller,  Phone:  352-392-9446.

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