Conservation Science Course at Extension

Here is a course being offered at Hillsborough County extension by Rob Northrup Hillsborough County's Urban Forester. The course is being offered to those who might be interested in conservation. Here is some of the information below.

Course Purpose
This course is designed to educate people in the concepts, language, and science related to conservation needs, planning, and action. People that complete this course will better understand the complexities of conservation, which will make them both better educators and participants in local conservation efforts. This course will cover concepts such as species diversity, measuring biodiversity, the processes that generate and maintain biodiversity, types of ecosystem services, ecological processes, habitat fragmentation, effects of human activities on ecosystems, the history of conservation in North America, and strategies for conservation planning.

Course Goals
1. Understand the role that biodiversity plays in conservation science.
2. Understand the factors that sustain or threaten ecosystem integrity.
3. Understand the strategies and approaches used to conserve biodiversity and maintain ecosystem integrity.

Each one-day workshop is designed to include a morning classroom session and discussion,
followed by a field trip and/or practical activity.

Here is the link if you would like more information:

The same link will be able to register you online.

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