New Uses For Old Bathtubs

On a recent visit to Speedling Inc. we were shown a brilliant use of a used bathtub. Here is a mixing station that they use to mix chemicals and capture any run off form the mixing process. Notice the ventilation on the top and the scale affixed above the capture area. Also, notice the five gallon bucket that is at the drainage end of the old bathtub. This is a great way to avoid potential contamination and accumulation of small amounts of pesticides that build up over time through continual mixing in one location. Thanks Speedling staff for sharing that with us!

Jemy Hinton with UF BMP program also suggests a small kid pool that can capture potential spills from the mixing process. If you are mixing small quantities this might be a good tip for reducing potential chemical problems in the environment.
I have seen another good use for a old metal bathtub at another nursery. Doug Meyers uses an old bathtub as a radiator/fire pit and burns wood in it at cold winter night meetings at his nursery. I have seen it in action and it works great.
Let us know if you have any other good uses for old bathtubs in the nursery.

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